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More than a name—a Reality Experienced by many Desiring to Share


Their Stories with You!

Yes, there may seem to be others more privileged than others, but these individuals

 selected are real people who all have one thing in common—a Strong Desire

 to Search and Discover Absolute Truth!

I hope and pray that you are like us—a Seeker of Truth and Righteousness! 

If we do the right things when we discover them we

will receive the Results we hope for! 

May the Lord Wonderfully Bless You on Your Journey of Truth for You

and the Ones You Love!

You too can Live Dis-ease Free!


That’s the Purpose of this site, as we have discovered and experienced for ourselves!

  It is our Great Honor and Joy now to Share these Absolute

Truths with You that you may enter into this supposed

sounding too-good-to-be-True world of no lies, confusion,

hurts, pains, worries, fears, sickness, poverty—in short—

Welcome to Our World of NO DIS-EASE!

This is a solid iron replica of a first century Roman nail found in the ruins of a foundation in Italy. Notice the point has been eroded through the centuries, which means you may place this in your pocket as a tool to show people His ultimate dis-ease that we might be free from all our dis-eases! 

For information on how to order your own representation of the greatest love ever shown in the Universe, please go to our contact page.