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Freely we have received...freely we give!

Let’s face it, the world including our nation, The United States of America, is experiencing unnecessary Dis-Ease because of One Reason—Failure to acknowledge Our Loving-Creator God, and that He has shown us how we may live in Freedom with Him, Our Neighbors, and Ourselves!  God never intended that man should suffer estrangement from His Almighty, Loving Presence or have to deal with sicknesses weakening and aging man’s physical being!  The fact is: There is a whole ‘nother world where humble people are discovering for themselves and their Loved Ones where they can genuinely thrive in a seemingly too-good-to-be-true world like they have always dreamed about!  And because they are humble-hearted, they must share with others lest they be deemed selfish and proud; passing the gift along.

This is the experience of the creators of this site.   Living heart-to-heart and hand-in-hand with the Creator of the Universe without doctor bills, no worries, etc. or in other words: NO Dis-Ease is something to really get excited about and worth sharing with the whole world!  We are so indebted and grateful to the fine men and women who have asked hard questions demanding real answers and then prayed and pioneered unconventional means and methods to obtain real solutions for all Dis-Eases in this world! 

Please email, text, and keep in contact with us to share your story! 

As for us, we simply are compelled by Pure Love to share with all who will listen, learn, and own the information with the hopes and prayers we all may help to Save Our Society and to give honor where honor is due.

So, I pray that as you are curious about improving your life, you are prepared to study and make changes where necessary to enjoy Life and have it more Abundantly! 


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