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More than just a copy of Our U.S. Constitution, this is our #1 weapon in the war against “TRUTH DECAY” in our public schools!  In its 36 pages you will find a clear, easy to understand message about our Founding Fathers’ strong Christian Principles; that they never intended to separate God from government!

There is also a copy of Our Declaration of Independence where the four times God is mentioned is emboldened and underlined! 

Finally, and most importantly of all, after the special introductory message about our nation’s miraculous birth and blessing Under God, students and citizens all over our great nation may read the original plan of salvation in the Bible and pray to receive Jesus Christ to insure their escape from torment and misery into Eternal Life with their Loving Creator, Savior and Lord—Jesus Christ!

Please Pray about your involvement to help us produce and distribute these Powerful, Soulwinning Booklets Nationwide!


___   PRAYER-WARRIOR  (Wisdom, Protection, Distribution, Favor, Open Hearts to TRUTH        Resulting in Millions Coming to Jesus Christ—Saving Our Students, Neighbors, and Fellow-Citizens –Our Great Republic—The United States of America!)

___   WARROOM   (Strategizer, Hearing from Heaven Who, What, When, Where and How to Support and Distribute—and Who, What, When, Where, and How to Receive them.

___   FRONT-LINE SOLDIER   (Boots On the Ground—more than just Talk—Actual Heart-to-Heart Loving and Caring One-on-One and more While Distributing These Books.)

___   ENLISTER  (Parents, Grandparents—Encourage your children/grandchildren about the joy of Soulwinning and that their Reward will be Increased Continually as they Faithfully Share the Gospel Presented Very Clearly in these Books!)